Photographer Captured Amazing Portraits Of Chickens To Show How Beautiful They’re

  • By Zarish
  • September 2, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

What comes to your mind when you first hear the word Chickens? Is it chicken that you think of? Eggs? or the phrase ‘which came first: The chicken or egg‘? We’re sure the idea of chickens being beautiful or remarkable didn’t cross your mind. Or maybe it’s just too hard to imagine. That’s right, it is. The fact that chickens can look attractive and elegant is inconceivable. But that’s nothing to worry about because that has been taken care of by an Italian photographer Matteo Tranchellini.

It all started back in 2013, when Tranchellini set out in search of a Concincina hen as a pet for his studio garden in Milan. He was invited to an aviary exhibition by a farmer named Giorgio and it was not too long when Tranchellini found himself a Concincina named Jessicah and was amazed at the beauty other birds also possessed. Shortly after, Tranchellini paired with another photographer Moreno Monti and decided to show the world how beautiful these chickens were. They called their portrait project Chic!ken. Both photographers were of the same view that chicken are perhaps, underrated and most people do not know these good-looking birds exist. It’s always your traditional chicken that you think of and see. But these one’s are different. No, they’re not from Planet X. They’re just farm birds that happen to be extra attractive and camera-ready. The pair explained that,“We felt like chickens had been waiting for their moment in the spotlight.”

Photo credits: Instagram | Kickstarter

After capturing over 200 amazing portraits that depicted the diversity that exists among the chickens, the duo had decided to gather them all in a hardback photo book. The photo book was finally published in 2018.

We don’t want to keep you waiting for so long. Let’s take a look at these extraordinary chickens that we’re talking about.

1. This chicken likes to ride low

2. A black swan!

So posh!

3. Everybody look left. Everybody look right. Everywhere you look I’m…

Standin’ in the spotlight!!

4. What an incredibly beautiful chicken!

5. The way it carries that beautiful hackle.

A beautiful furry collar.

For all those who are concerned, the photographers left a message for anyone that’s looking at these portraits, “None of these beauties were harmed, forced, or leashed.”

6. Bad hair day? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Ain’t nobody looks this good on bad hair day, too…

7. WOW!!!

How can it look this CUTE.

8. That comb flopped over looks like a hat.

Just going out for a walk in the sun.

9. It got them boots with the fur.

The whole club was lookin’ at herrr…

10. This feathery fellow made it to the list too…

From their experience, the photography session doesn’t sound like it went south. “They were just themselves and had a natural ability to move in front of the camera. Some of them were photographed from the side, from behind, or with only a glance over the shoulder. A NATURAL TALENT.”, the pair revealed. These portraits also features some of the greatest looking roosters. They’re pretty amazing to look at. Go ahead and see for yourself!

11. A stylish mob leader!

12. Is this man-made or nature-made?

Too beautiful to be real.

13. The colors are just vibrant!

14. Like models on a runway.

Say whaaaaat?

15. One word: SLEEK!

How to be a Victoria Secret model? Learn from this guy right here.

16. White hair? Not a problem.

Not everyone can rock this look.

17. This one looks like it just got out of bed.

Totally relatable!

18. Look at the feathers fall beautifully on that tail


19. Stand up. Stand out. And Stand tall.

This rooster is doing right!

20. Bowing with grace 101:

This rooster has nailed it.

…Aaaand a few chickens with striking beauty couldn’t have missed the chance to be featured as well.

21. We’ve got our eyes on this Cheetah print

22. This is Martha, the Frizzle Bantam.

Hey Big Bird, where’s Barney?

23. And this is the fluffy Silkie chicken, Agnes.

‘It’s so fluffy. I’m gonna die!!!’

24. This hen with it’s beautiful tail..

Looks as magical as Buckbeak. Harry Potter, anyone?

25. Tell us these colored feathers aren’t sick!!!

Pretty much like a Renaissance painting.

26. Just casually showing off it’s beautiful feathers

27. This plush hen can’t be real…

Realizing it IS real. *faints*

28. We’re loving the spotted chickens.

29. Furry feet, coming at ya!

30. You know life’s good when you go to gym…

And it definitely shows.

31. This one looks big in size.

And is also very pretty.

A few shots of the portrait book have been shared online. Have a look at how cool the book came out to be. Chicken: The Book features,“the sexiest and most beautiful chickens on the planet.”

A hardcover book with a feather. Classic!

An inside look of two of the portraits…

Along with that fine art prints, humorous posters and postcards,  and “a sexy calendar for adults only”, are also available for purchase.

Woah! That was different. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to cover this for you and learn about these alluring chickens that, otherwise, would’ve gone unnoticed. What do you think? Were we able to convince you that chickens have mad posing skills and can look good without efforts? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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