20 Times Bird Built Their Nests At Most Ridiculously Unusual Places

  • By Saif
  • September 2, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Up till now, humans have been known to build the perfect houses for their own security. This dates back to the first-ever man-made house 1.8 million years ago. In olden days, humans came up with some great ideas to protect themselves from whatever was threatening to their lives. Whether they were wild animals or rough weather conditions, they pretty much handled everything well. But that is not the case with ONLY humans.

Now, with all the technology, we’re able to capture some mind-blowing nests built by the birds themselves. These great nesting locations will make you believe that birds can really adapt to their environments. Although, not all of these nests may look like the safest options to lay eggs but what do we know really. The birds have proved to improve their ways of building nests here and there with whatever is available to them. Even if we build one for them, they can surely come up with a better and bigger plan.

See for yourself when we say they’ve got some mad ideas.

1. ‘Hello MTV & Welcome to our Crib’

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Everyone has their own room here.

2. Found the perfect lamp to build a nest…

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And this is where the magic happened.

3. Looking for the best home security system?

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Yeah, here it is.

4. Red doesn’t always mean stop!!!

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Especially not for this mommy bird.

5. A Shoe-house.

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We appreciate some creativity. 13/10 for this one

6. All we have to ask is…

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How did that bird manage?

7. The perfect house with perfect sewage system doesn’t ex-

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Can’t wait to see what’s brewing in that teapot.

8. When your mom gives you a haircut…

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Pretty stylish, we would say.

9. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

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Hmmmm..goes well with the wreath.

10. When one isn’t enough…

You make a duplex.

Aren’t you amazed yet? These birds have come up with some of the best and innovative ways to build their nests. We wouldn’t have thought about this ever. Anyways, these birds are doing a pretty good job finding… or making the safest nests for their little ones. Carry on, there’s a lot more to look at.

11. A nest on a wind chime…Smart!

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We hope the babies would get a room of their own.

12. Seems very comfy

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We’re loving these ducks owning everything.

13. We hope smokers don’t mind…

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Look at the bright side…They only want you to stop.

14. Bird nest…in the engine…of a minibus.

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If you don’t have a home, make it. Anywhere!

15. Looks like it was made especially for this dove.

The dove seems to like it a lot.

16. We’ve got a new traffic guard in the neighbourhood.

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Don’t worry, he lives nearby… in the cone.

17. One does not simply call dibs.

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What are you looking at? huh?

18. This bird has got itself a portable house.

Annnnd we’re loving it so far.

19. Just some hardworking birds for you to see…

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Are these birds willing to make some money? Hit me up.

20. Someone’s remains can give life to other’s

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But it works.

So what do you think? Aren’t these some great nests that you’ve seen in a while? We’re sure you’ve seen the conventional nests everywhere but these ones might be new to you. A shocker, isn’t it!! Share your thoughts about these smart birds and their smart choices in the comments below.

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