Bird Throwing Sticks Down a Chimney, Gets Caught In The Act (Twitter Thread)

  • By Zarish
  • September 30, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Summer’s here. This means all animals are back and free to roam around. Which also implies that birds are gonna be making nests everywhere. But their favorite place is the chimney. Yes, you heard it right… The Chimney. To almost all birds, chimney seems like a convenient place to build a nest and keep their young ones safe. Birds like common swifts, swallows, and starlings are most commonly found building nests in chimneys. This can get problematic really soon. The birds may end up wandering in the chimney and get stuck, leaving them no other place to leave but through the house.

But that does not mean you get to make them go away through Smoke. That’s a big No No. It’ll only cause more trouble to the bird and you. So don’t try killing the bird. It’s not too bad if you think about it. We’ll help you with this. You see, some birds, instead of being sorry, would rather be angry at you for catching them in YOUR chimney. Such is a case of this bird who while throwing sticks down @blacksmoke1033‘s chimney since weeks.

Lets see what happened when it got caught.

1. The disrespect this bird has caused is immense!

Game’s over, my friend!

2. This time, angry bird is not angry.

…It’s disappointed it got caught.

3. Somebody’s really mad about something THEY did.

‘HOW DARE THEEEE?’ -This bird.

4. Yeah, just for the records.

Pretty neat findings!

5. In case you (just like others) were wondering…

Couldn’t have let that slip his mind.

6. On Twitter, people showed their concern for the ‘poor’ bird.

You bet, it is.

7. Are you sure it’s the bird that got caught?

Or is it the other way round? We’re confused.

8. Some even thought they could be tender towards it.

But who doesn’t!!!?!!

9. Baby ravens or whoever! The culprit has been found & is not guilty.

10. People can’t help but think about the little birdie.

Ummm, with that attitude, of course he was.

11. Told ya!

Ain’t nothing gonna stop this bird from escaping.

12. This isn’t over yet…

All animals are invited. yeah, no problem.

This was it. Did you see how that bird got caught after doing what he did? Poor soul didn’t even complete it’s nest yet. But that’s okay! The bird dealt with the situation really well. The bird pretty much lives by the rule ‘don’t feel guilty for doing what’s best for you’ and yeah, we get it. We’re good with it as long as we get to see more of these bird moments that make us laugh. What do you have to say? Let us know in the comments below.

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Picture credits: blacksmoke1033

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