Bird Owner Illustrates Funny Comics About Parrots

  • By Zarish
  • April 19, 2022
  • 8 minutes read

When you have pets they impact every part of your life. From making you a kinder and more empathetic person to it being reflected in your creativity. We are going to talk about the latter. Sarah, a 25 year old from Texas expresses her creativity by making memes and comics inspired by her 2 pet birds; Chicken and Blue Boy. Chicken is an extremely pleasant cockatiel – with a typical bird brain whereas, BlueBoy, is a smol tiny parrotlet who is too bossy for his size. She at one point also had another parrotlet named White Boy who also makes some appearances in some of her comics. Gotta say, we love the names Sarah has for her birdies! An entire comic series were based on these two birds of Sarah (We can’t contain our excitement!)

Sarah talked about her comics and birds in an interview with Bored Panda. She told them,

‘[The stories are generally told] from Chicken’s perspective with humans mostly off-screen, hence ‘Chicken Thoughts. I love how intelligent birds are but also how illogical they can be — I’m sure we’re the same way!”

We totally agree with her on this! Especially on being intelligent yet illogical at times! She continued,

“One thing that makes the series special is I draw comics about some of my readers’ birds too, and have them on as guest stars! People will tell me a little bit about their birds and I come up with comics about them, drawn in my googly-eye style.”

Sarah’s work is special because her imaginative side is seen in her skill of making fabulous comics and narrating the story from the bird’s point of view but her inspiration for those comics stem from real-life pet behaviors. With the right combination of real life events and her creativity she creates magic! Her work is truly something, scroll down to check it out! 

But let’s meet her real life birdies first!

Meet our hero cockatiel, Chicken! Such a stunner!

Via chickynugs

Yeah you guessed it right, it’s our bossy parrotlet Blue boy! Oh, boy!

Via chickynugs

Here’s a sibling portrait of these two birdies! How well-mannered do they look! Awww

Now, let’s get started with the comics, shall we?

1. True love is when you save each other in your own ways!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

We STAN this love!

2. Doesn’t this waiter-bird know that dipping your feet in water is ABSOLUTELY necessary?

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Such a shame!

3. That ‘crib’ looks very comfy- we get why you like it there Blue Boy!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Wish we could have a crib like that to ourselves!

4. The older birdie shouldn’t have burst their bubble like that! These birdies will no longer be the same!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Should have let them reach the age of 80 to find out about this harsh reality!

5. Our hearts cannot handle this much cuteness and love! Need more men like Chicken!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

6. Hoomans can be so mean at times! Free this lil birdie!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

That peeping through the space had us!

7. ‘Yeah at least we don’t buy those stones for millions to give it our females!’

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Stupid stupid judgmental hoomans, huh!’

8. ‘They call me tiny but have they looked at me from this magical glass?

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

‘Tiny who? Your eyes! AND, your brain! Arghh’

9. ‘I like the cage with its door open! Makes me feel like an independent bird!’

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

That polite ‘thankyou’ though!

10. Bird Shredder! Having the work done and making your birdie happy at the same time is an achievement!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Look at that hard-working shredder!

Don’t worry, this is not the end! This is to let you know if you are enjoying this a little too much and hoped along the way that this would never come to an end, your wish has been granted!

As Sarah has compiled all these and MANY more comics into a book named as ‘Chicken Thoughts: Comics About Birds’ which will be up for grabs in November 2020 but you can also pre-order if you are too excited! Sarah is inspired by other bird cartoonists like Potatopato, A Budgie’s Life, and It’s A Birb Thing and love their work so much. This is what she had to say about her book,

“I’ve drawn comics for my friends at least since I was 11 years old. My best friend Jacky and I were in a lot of the same grade school classes, and we would draw cartoons about ourselves and our classmates and show each other. My earliest influence was Calvin and Hobbes, I would read my mom’s collections as a child.”

11.“Why is my hooman third-wheeling with me and my new girl-friend!”

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Give them some privacy, hooman!

12. ‘Why does my human own a confined cell for birds!’

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

“I am scared!”

13. This lecturer-bird does not appreciate hoomans judging pets by look!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

If you can’t handle their extra-ness, don’t adopt them!

14. Birdie wants what it wants! The fluff-ball!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Told ya he is bossy!

15. FBI agent is tired of this birdie interrupting his work!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Beware birdie he might take extreme measures!

16. Birdie likes his personalized pancakes!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Our heart! How smol!

17. A+ for creativity! Laughing way too hard at this birdie’s dumb but thoughtful moment!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Bird rocked, Hooman shocked!

18. Birdie got some standards, excuse you!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

During these times, better stay away from your hooman’s hands!

19. We all have our blonde moments, don’t be too judgmental!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

But really, birdie?!

20. ‘You really think you can win at this game, hooman?’

Via chickenthoughtsofficial


Fun Fact: Sarah has a very noble purpose behind these comics – it is so people who do not and cannot have birds could vicariously enjoy the pleasure and nuisance of living with birds through her comics. She ADORES these birdies and she wants to share her love with the rest of the world. How generous!

She assured us that what she shows us through comics is actually true in real-life as well!

“They are allowed to roam around the apartment every day, and they mostly like to hang around me and my boyfriend preening, asking for food, and receiving head scritches.”

She then addressed what we have all been thinking about,

“A lot of people wonder why the cartoon Chicken is a lutino male while the real-life Chicken is a grey female. That’s because I just drew the first comic as a one-off about cockatiels in general and posted it in a Facebook bird group. It was such a hit that people asked me to make a page and post more! So the comic Chicken became based on my real-life bird, Chicken.”

You can continue with the comics now!

21. Just give these birdies all the food they ask or you will have to endure a dramatic episode!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

If this isn’t accurate!

22. ‘We want what our hoomans eat! That’s always more delicious and expensive’

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

‘Don’t try to fool us with those fake price tags!’

23. ‘Dogs are too optimistic for our temperament anyway!’

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Fight! Fight!

24. Let the birdie think highly of himself, hooman!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Delusions are good for self-esteem!

25. ‘Finally hooman understands us!’

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

It takes a ritual to be blessed by the presence of birdies !

26. That’s why it’s better to ask when in doubt! But, love the bell-hat!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

But birdie’s ego is too huge to ask idiotic hooman some questions!

27. Lesson learned: Don’t be kind to humans! Don’t answer when they are talking to you!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

You have angered the tiny mighty Blue Boy!

28. Potato cheeps are the guilty pleasure of this birdie!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

Sshhh, don’t let the hooman know!

29. Give this birdie a lil (read A LOT) attention it secretly wants!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

God forbid, a cold wing! Worst ever!

30. Can someone tell these birdies this is not a fun game AT ALL!

Via chickenthoughtsofficial

There are other ways to play hide and seek!

With great sadness, we have come to an end of this lighthearted post! We are overwhelmed with all the love for these smol adorable birdies. Their delusional and idiotic selves reminded us of our own such moments! And that’s what Sarah has been meaning to say all along that we are very similar to these birdies, more than we realize! (We’re not this cute though) Hopefully, you found yourselves in these comics too and had a great time! Don’t forget to buy her book if you loved these comics and certainly don’t forget to share this with your loved ones! They deserve to see these adorable babies!

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