15 Photos Of Owls That Prove They’re Majestic AF

  • By Zarish
  • September 2, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Birds. They’re quite a thing now. As shocking as they can be with their amazing looks and styles, they can pretty much look majestic in their real skin too. Wait till we show you what’s up. You already know that not every bird has vibrant colors or are extremely different looking. Some birds are what you are already familiar with and haven’t perceived them as beautiful, as of yet. Guess we’re ready to take it from here and hopefully by the end, you’ll be in love.

Owls, one of the most enigmatic birds, are what we’re talking about actually. What do you know about Owls? Except the fact that they stay up all night and sleep during the day? Oh, and yes, they can turn their heads all the way to the back? Anything else is more than welcome in the comments at the end. But for now, we’re gonna show you what Owls are really about.

If you’re in for some shock and beautiful moments of Owls captured, then here you are. Get ready because you’re about to witness the owls like never before.

1. Who let the Owls out?


2. Look at those broad wings!

With those, they can easily float through the air without flapping too much. Bet ya didn’t know that. 

3. ‘Our majesty would like to have a word with you’

Pretty regal-looking, we must admit.

4. *Owl sees you’re taking a picture. Casually looks majestic as hell*

This snowy owl is so cool!

5. They also have silent flights

They have special feathers that help reduce the noise.

Owls, as birds are quite underrated. While everyone knows they exist, we feel like they don’t get the attention they deserve. Looking at these pictures might make you realize that they’re not your basic birds. They have a spark to them in their own unique way. You just have to look closer. After all, owl they need is love.

6. On this episode of MythBusters…

If you’ve heard they can turn their head all the way round, you’ve heard it wrong. Actually, they can only turn it to a 135 degrees from both sides making it a total of 270 degrees. This way it prevents the blood vessels from damaging.

Adding to that, Their eyes are tubular in shape meaning that they can’t just move their eyes in order to see something. The whole head turns!

7. Look at this owl floating in the air…

*Swoosh* Watch me goooo

8. Owl raises a duckling after mistaking its egg for one of her own.

via Laurie Wolf

Not most Owl are loving and affectionate. We can tell. But we can also tell this one isn’t having a bad time either…

9. Did you know that Owls have legs? Look…

Perfectly hidden by their plumage. This will never not be funny!

10. Camouflage on point.

via eoiarucasadvancedone

Owls use tufts to help them disguise. Raise the tufts and you come out looking like a branch or small twig. Easy!

11. Hide from predators? Not a problem!

via Graham McGeorge

Hah. Fooled ya!

12. There are around 200 species of Owls

But this furry little one is the cutest!

13. Owls in rain are exciting to look at.

We think we’re falling in love.

14. Trying it’s best to hold on to life…

But the rain won’t let it have it.

15. When you find out you weren’t picked to go to Hogwarts.


16. Last but not least, a feast for the eyes.

A very rare red-eyed owl looking all dapper in that snow white fur.

So what do you think? Are you convinced that owls can and are beautiful, too? Their beautiful wings and their ability to camouflage is beyond words. If it weren’t for this post, we wouldn’t have known how cute these Owls can be. Since all birds have their own unique identity, it is best to discover about every bird in their natural habitat. We’re definitely going to be surprised. We’d like to hear you say. Share your thoughts in the comments below about what makes Owls so great and different from others.

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