Stunning Unique-Looking Rare Pigeons That Are Better Than Regular ‘Govt. Drone Pigeons’

  • By Saif
  • September 2, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

On Earth, there are about over 10,000 species of birds. You might think that’s a lot because most of them almost look the same. But that is what you think. They do have basic common features but not all birds look the same. There are species that are too good to be real. So unique, that your mind might give up accepting the fact that they actually exist. These birds are rare, have colors that are bright and vivid, and are very soothing for the eyes as well.

Today, we’re only talking about pigeons. The most intelligent birds to exist have made us believe in its exceptional abilities such as being able to recognize itself in the mirror (that only 6 species have been able to do), being able to recognize all English alphabets, and being able to differentiate between people. Isn’t that so great for a bird? And yeah, there are a lot of different pigeons that we bet you didn’t know of. Other than their extraordinary skills, they have some extraordinary looks as well.

Therefore, we’ve gathered some of the most beautiful and unique looking pigeons that even we didn’t know existed before this. Never too old to learn, right? So scroll below and let’s get started. You’re going to have so much fun. And that’s a guarantee.

1. Brown Frillback Pigeon

via pigeonstvfans

Did you know that these pigeons are of domestic breed and were developed through selective breeding a long time ago? Woah!

via ornamental_pigeon

These wing feathers are looking lovely!

2. The Nicobar Pigeon

via Sue Demetriou

This bright colored pigeon can grow up to 40 centimetres long and weigh up to one pound. Looks pretty surreal. 

Ever wondered what were the first domesticated birds? Pigeons. They’re called the rock pigeons. We know that from the artifacts that date back to the 4500 BCE in Iraq. Still doing pretty well huh?

3. Victoria Crowned Pigeon

via The Virginia Zoo

They happen to be the largest pigeon species in the world. Named after Queen Victoria, this pigeon definitely keeps up with the majestic look.

4. Blue Crowned Pigeon

Elegance at its best.

5. Bronzewing Pigeon

via di_cross_

These plump-looking pigeons originate from Australia and known as the fastest flying birds in the bush. Who would’ve thought!

6. Brunner Pouter Pigeon

via cocoakoumori
via wikipedia

Mind blowing!!!

7. Indian Fantail

via green_iggies

There are about 30 to 40 feathers in that beautiful fan-shaped tail.

8. Jacobin Pigeons


via timflach

That fur collar is a total fashion statement.

9. Old Dutch Capuchine

via hurricane_piccio

This piece of art is known for its head crest. THAT, we could tell..

10. Oriental Frill Pigeon

via jim gifford  

Little beak but beautiful feathers.

11. Grey Frillback Pigeon

Another one of those curly wing feathers. Now we’re wondering, is that a perm?

12. English Barb

via harjonojojo

These pigeons look like they’d be happy to have you home.

13. German Modena Pigeon

via jim gifford

Ever seen a pigeon catwalk like a model? Well, now you have.

14. Red White Roller Pigeon

via pigeons_in_poonch

Just casually striking a pose as it sits…

15. Voorburg Shield Cropper

via circlecpigeons

A little makeup? Totally winged it.

Aren’t these pigeons so amazing? We mean, look at them. They’ve got these beautiful sets of feathers and wings but function like your normal pigeon would. Just adding glam to something never hurt anybody. We’re glad we came across these pigeons. We do need a moment to accept the fact that these pigeons are, in fact, real and not photoshopped. You need to keep scrolling. There are a lot of pigeons left to discover.

16. Pink-Necked Green Pigeon

via Think_Void

Such a delicate looking pigeon.

17. Old Dutch Capuchine

via pirateinwales

This bird looks like it knows what you did last night!

18. Capuchine/Jacobin Mix

via WolfTheWyvern

19. Spinifex Pigeon

via jeordiethegenerator

Hair lookin’ superflyyy!

20. African Green-Pigeon

via Biosample

Fun fact: This pigeon mostly eats fruits but sometimes flesh and dry blood. We’re not so sure about thatttt.

21. Lahore Pigeon

via pigeonkeeping

These pigeons are known to have an extremely gentle nature and are shy too. Adorable!

22. Black Helmet Pigeon

via Graham Manning

This one looks huge. Anddd is heavily feathered.

23. Archangel Pigeons


Known for their metallic look, they’re also called Copper Blackwing Gimpel, Gimpeltaube, Copper Whitewing and Peak Crested Copper Blackwing. We CU!

24. English Carrier Pigeon

via jim gifford

Exactly what we thought when we read the name. Yes, they were once used for sending messages sadly, not anymore. And would ya look at that neck?

25. Ice Pigeon

via wikipedia

Those feathery feet are modish!

26. English Trumpeter Pigeon

via Graham Manning

So you’re saying you don’t see a pigeon in this feather ball? Well, same.

27. Kabutar Pigeon

via vijayrajputvaishnav

Pearly white feathers with a touch of colour on wings are stunning.

28. Pied Imperial Pigeon

via Derek Ramsey

Surprisingly, these pigeons are a member of both pigeon and dove families.

29. Scandaroon Pigeon

via jim gifford

Did you know these pigeons were named by Darwin? He was absolutely amazed by their distinct long beak and also had them as pets. Way to go Darwin!

30. Unique Pigeon

via pigeon_club_official 

This pigeon looks like it got a bad haircut…but hey, it’s still smiling.

31. Fantail Pigeon

via BonchiFox

This average-sized beautiful pigeon was one of the few species that Darwin mentioned in the first chapter of his book ‘On The Origin Of Species’. So damn cool!

32. English Short-Faced Tumbler

via Graham Manning

In case you didn’t know, these pigeons have an erect posture with their head being pushed back making it perpendicular to its feet.

33. Tumbler Pigeon

via neel_birds_official

These pigeons got their name after showing off their ability to tumble or rollover backwards…in flight. Tell us this ain’t true.

34. Lahore Pigeon

via alittlebitiffy

Floating on water has never been this easy.

Are you shocked? or are you shocked!!? Either way, we get it because we are too. As we said, these pigeons are too good to actually exist. These pigeons really make us wanna turn into a crazy bird person who just collects rare and beautiful pigeons. If we do, we’d know which ones to pick first. What do you think about these pigeons? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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