Finnish Photographer Captures Real Life Angry Birds

  • By Saif
  • September 2, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

We’re all very familiar with the game ‘Angry Birds’. At the time of release, no one had any clue what it was or what to expect. But a substantial amount of people downloaded the game anyways. Soon, it was played and loved by many. So much so, that even the Angry Birds movies came out. People left them with no choice whatsoever! Although, the initial release of the game was back in 2009 but we know that some angry birds have been around even before that. You say that’s not possible, we tell you it totally is! In fact, let us show you what we’re talking about.

A wildlife photographer name Ossi Saarinen, who comes from Finland, has had a passion for nature and especially animals since he was a kid. It’s his work that has got everyone talking about him. He started his photography journey in 2005 and when he combined his love for nature and photography. And since then he has been providing amazing and jaw-dropping works one after the other.

So if you’re a fan of the game then you must look at the pictures below. If you’re not, then get ready to be one. We tell you, these birds are adorably angry and we can’t help but smile.

1. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the angriest of them all?

My Queen, this bird in the black-yellow Mohawk is the angriest in the land‘.

2. When you’re angry but you also know you’re beautiful

Just a proud moment for this birdie..

3. ‘That’s how I roll.’

Somebody please help this ball of fluff.

4. What happens after you watch BTS…

Blue hair is a must. Guess who is the real angry bird then…*whispers* your mom.

5. When everyone keeps asking why you’re sad, but that’s just your real face…

And that is something to be sad about.

6. This bird has watched Happy Feet quite a few times…

And thinks its one of them. We don’t blame him.

7. If Frozen 3 featured birds…

This would’ve been Elsa…or Olaf. Or just a snowball.

8. This majestic. Much wow.

Should be ill-eagle for a bird.

9. Angry but beautiful.

That blue beak could kill. Literally!

No guys, wait up. This can’t be real. All these different kinds of birds were captured by the same man? That can’t be. But oh well, these are beautiful. Looks like birds have been gifted with a natural talent of posing like supermodels… even when they’re angry or grumpy. Angry or not, we still think these birds are hella charming in their natural habitats. Keep scrolling, there are more real-life angry birds to see…or should we say attractive birds.

10. Staring right into your soul…

What have you done to upset this bird?!!!

11. Sitting in the branches just minding its own business…

Looking SO flyyy

12. Too angry with friends?

Sorry, I kicked it by mistake! No you did not!!!

13. What do you call two exploding ducks?

Firequackers. Ducking brilliant, ain’t it? 

14. Hey, almost couldn’t see you there!

Looking perfect and effortless on that tree

15. That grumpy face!

But those vibrant colors…my god!

16. Anybody else gets the Autumn vibes?

With this peaceful and relaxing bird…We surely do.

17. ‘Can you feel the love tonight?’

Nope. Just anger, that’s all.

18. Looks like a movie scene…

Pretty chillinggg…Brrrr

Dudddeee!! This can’t be real. These pictures are absolutely heavenly. We must say, Ossi Saarinen knows he’s good at his job. It is known that he spends hours in the forest to capture wild animals and in winter, even when the temperature drops to -20 Celsius degree. WOW. You know you’re already winning at life when your efforts show in your work. We wonder how perfect his other pictures would be. But for now, we’re loving these little ‘angry’ birds that are too cute to handle. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo credits: Instagram

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