20 Pictures That Prove The Victoria Crowned Pigeon Is Gorgeously Sassy

  • By Zarish
  • August 18, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Today, while we’re talking about the worlds most beautiful birds we must warn you beforehand. The bird we’re about to introduce is intelligent and pretty good-looking that makes it an eye-candy in the bird species. And we’re talking about…A PIGEON!!! No, not just any pigeon that you often see and don’t consider as good-looking anymore. Its the one and only majestic Victoria Crowned Pigeon (Goura Victoria). Its looks, so ravishing that we couldn’t hold ourselves from sharing it with you. Allow us to introduce the bird before we reveal it to you. Shall we?

There are about 300 different species of pigeons *didn’t probably know that, huh?* but no other pigeon can compete with the Goura Victoria in terms of looks. It has these remarkable features that are worthy of our discussion. The Goura Victoria stands tall with bluish-grey feathers all over its body. You might be wondering you’ve seen this before. You could be wrong because that’s not it. It also has a beautiful deep purple-maroon chest that really compliments its feathers. Not to forget the most distinctive features of this bird are its eyes and the beautiful crown it holds on its head.

Describing the one of the most beautiful bird in words is an injustice to its existence. And we don’t wanna do that. So we’ll let you see for yourself and decide whether or not it is worthy of our attention. Have a look at it.

1. The Virginia Zoo

SO is this your basic pigeon? We bet not.

2. The Virginia Zoo

This baby pigeon is too *coo* to be missed. Fun fact: They don’t actually sound like regular pigeons. They create a sound that is louder and deep. Definitely not your ordinary pigeon now.

3. Laura Wolf

So Flyyy! These birds can grow up to 28-30 inches from head to toe with their wing chord being a maximum of 39 cm. That’s huge for a bird.

4. Laura Wolf

Can’t obviously miss the crown. The thin comb of feathers placed so close together makes it look like an elegant crown that the pigeon wears so proudly.

5. Sandy Cole

If you can’t tell, that’s almost the size of a Turkey.

6. Kitty Schweizer

These dark shaded birds look exotic in their natural habitat…adding more beauty to it.

7. Bernard Dupont

Is that a Turkey? Or a peacock? ITS ONLY A PIGEONNN.

8. Dennis Jarvis

Those dark blue feathers around the red eyes are charming to look at. We’re really impressed with this creation that we have.

9. Derek Ramsey

This pigeon is about to pigeoff.

10. Heather Paul

Calmly sitting in its nest is a scene to watch. Such Regality. Much wow.

These pigeons originate from New Guinea and are commonly seen in the US and UK. They are extremely intelligent pigeons and can be easily tamed as well. Makes us want to own one of these beauties. We do have more pictures of this pigeon that will prove to you why they are regarded as one of the most beautiful birds. Sit tight and enjoy.

11. Jimmy Palma Gil


12. Cuatrok77

This picture depicts perfectly how huge this pigeon is for a bird.

13. Valerie

As if ones beauty wasn’t enough to handle…

14. Edith Maracle (Berghout)

Straight outta painting, I tell ya . That can’t be real. That isn’t…

15. Saebaryo

When you know you’re the prettiest in the hood, you stand with pride. *And we respect that*

16. Cloudtail the Snow Leopard

These birds are not only beautiful. They also have a nature that’s in order. They tend to stay calm most of the times and do not cause trouble unless they feel threatened. This picture can pretty much show you how.

17. Terry Kearney

*Bows* To the King…or Queen. We’d never know because the male and females only have a slight difference that’s difficult to notice.

18. Cuatrok77

Ridiculously Bluetifulllllll.

19. Unknown

*No comments* After all the pigeon was named after Queen Victoria for THIS ROYAL crown right here.

20. Cuatrok77

Its striking good looks never disappoint, even when the crown goes down.

As much as we love some extraordinary animals and birds, we also feel deeply saddened by the fact that these pigeons were also one the endangered species and were at a high risk to go extinct. Earlier, they were hunted especially for their meat and heavenly feathers which made it difficult for them to survive. Lately, a lot of efforts have been made to protect these pigeons from going extinct and it’s a relief that they’re now only ‘near threatened’ instead of threatened. We’re happy to have them around, even if its in their natural habitat. So what do you think? Did this Victoria Crowned Pigeon impress you with its dazzling beauty? Let us know.

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